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"Looking for a good Feng Shui Master or Geomancer in Singapore?

You come to the right place! Feng Shui Consultation Service for All (家居风水) by Grand Master Tng.

Feng Shui Master Tng (风水大师)

Master Tng is a well-known reputable Feng Shui master based in Singapore with many years of experiences.

An international geomancer, Master Tng has helped many people improve on their fortune, business and human relationship including many businessmen.

Over the years, he has many well-known Feng Shui Masters under his teaching. 

Master Tng has insisted on no fixed consultation rate for everyone on his consultation services. He wants everyone to afford his service, though some might have to wait for few weeks to get an appointment.

   Feng Shui Consultation Service Singapore

Our Feng Shui consultation service in Singapore provides the recommended geomancy master who can improve your wealth, fortune, luck, money, work, sale, family, happiness, business, Bazi information and comments by simply changing your home or company design and direction without having to buy expensive ornaments or products.

We also provide services like the selection of date and time for ROM, Wedding and house moving. Check out our affordable Geomancer's consultation price and you will benefit from good Feng Shui and see results in 3 weeks time.

Feng Shui for House 

As Chinese culture becomes popular, more and more people are drawn to it. One of the best exports for the Far East country which has been practised for over 3000 years is Feng Shui. Here is what you need to know about this ancient art of designing homes for a living.


What is Feng Shui (风水)?


In the Chinese language, Feng is wind while Shui is water. You can choose to look at it as the heavens and the earth. In this culture, the balance between the two elements that are often in opposition is associated with good health and fortune.

Good Feng Shui occurs when the two elements are in perfect balance; bad Feng Shui is just the opposite.

It is believed that people inhabiting a house with good Feng Shui are assured of not only good health but good fortune too. In another word, this is a system of geomancy that tries to balance the energies of the earth and heavens.

 Chinese Feng Shui Singapore


Feng Shui for a house buyer: Principles you need to understand

 Feng Shui for Home

Feng Shui as practised today is aimed at creating the human environment to be on good terms with Qi.

Here are the basic principles applied in this science of building:

Qi (chi’i)

Qi pronounced as “chee” in English is a life force that can be moved so as produce positive or negative results. It is a sort of energy. In Feng Shui house design it is achieved by orienting the structure with its environment. All factors such as the microclimate, vegetation, soil and slope of land must be in harmony to achieve Feng Shui at home. 



Measuring Qi is not left to chance; it is measured with a special compass called the Luopan or the Feng Shui Compass. It determines the direction of energy. This way, the energies of the heavens and the earth will not be in opposition. It uses the principles of magnetism that were only been recently invented by the western world. The Chinese have been using magnetism for over 3000 years.



 Office Feng Shui Singapore    

This principle is expressed by the yin and yang theory which is literary translated to dark and night.

Just like the opposite sides of a magnet, yin and yang are always against each other and independent from all other forces on the planet.

This guide the persons who live and holds events finding yin and yang number.

This principle is applied in buildings in that any exertion created must be absorbed. 



 Feng Shui Tips    

Bagua literally means “the eight symbols”. It is used to represent reality as conceptualized by the 8 symbols. Each of the symbols has three lines which are broken or unbroken.


Feng Shui Colour

Energy can easily be moved in your house using colour. There are 5 Feng Shui Elements. Find out more on the Feng Shui Tips for each Feng Shui colour.


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