Auspicious Date Selection for Moving House  


In Feng Shui, the term auspicious date refers to specific dates when planets are specifically aligned for a particular event. Just like everything else, an auspicious date for moving house requires a person’s birth chart to determine which elements will bring good luck. The birth chart is also essential to calculate the date. As such, it is highly recommended to choose a favourable date based on an individual’s birth chart.    

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An auspicious date for moving house is determined by matching it with a person’s Bazi. This must also be complemented with Tung Shu, which involves the psychic, physical, psychological and optimum state of well-being of every individual. When this is achieved, it can give you the optimum level of energy and mind state to harmoniously conduct your business. In general, the selected date signifies the day when you are at your maximum potential to best execute your endeavour, providing you with the best chances of success in life.  

Basically, for an auspicious date selection for moving house, your choice of date must never clash with your birth date, this also includes your hour of birth. You need to understand that it is crucial to establish connection with your favourable elements. Another important factor to consider is to refer to the Tung Shu and Chinese Almanac for guidance on how to avoid choosing inauspicious date.  Though the Tung Shu won’t exactly tell you the best date best for a certain event, it can, however, give you an insight of your best days for a particular element, auspicious directions, flying star and conflict dates.    

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Purpose of Selecting Auspicious Dates 

If you want a harmonious home, this can be better achieved with the help of proper auspicious date selection for moving house. For sure, you want to start things right, and this can be achieved by following feng shui methods that will help provide you with enhanced energy flow. There are 4 factors that you need to put into consideration – place, time and date, people and activity. According to masters, proper date selection will help protect you and your family from bad elements that are the primary reason for bad events.  Date selection is beneficial for the following purposes: 

·         Minimizes the occurrence of family problems, troubles and challenges 

·         Attract opportunities and success for you and your family. 

·         Gives positive energy boost which puts your family at a good advantage to achieve desired goals. 

·         Protects you and your family from bad days, thus leading to negative results. 

·         Provides more opportunities for personal growth and career advancement.  

Feng Shui Ba Gua

There are many reasons why a lot of individuals put utmost importance on auspicious date selection for moving house. You see, in some cases, a house or property has bad feng shui or is situated in a bad location, both of which could greatly affect the flow of good energy. In some instances, you and your partner’s karmic bond are not so good, which needs necessary steps to remedy the energy flow. With the help of the right feng shui approach along with proper implementation of auspicious dates, you will help boost positive energy for a more harmonious and prosperous living.  

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