Feng Shui Tips Singapore: 

The three principles explained above using colour:


Feng Shui Colour 

Energy can easily be moved in your house using colour. There are 5 feng shui Elements (wood, fire, metal, earth and water) and each has a colour or a group of colours that represent it.

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Fire Colours  

The colours used to represent fire in your space are red, orange, purple, pink and yellow. These colours are recommended in the South or Southwest areas of your space. If the fire colours are in order, you will benefit from energy to enhance your career as well as enable to be recognised.

Earth Colours  

Earth colours can be used in the Northeast and southwest but more so at the centre of your home. Colours representing earth are light yellow and sandy colours. With these colours in harmony at your house, you are assured of nourishment and all your love relationships will be protected.

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Metal colours  

The colours representing metal include gray and white. They are perfect in spaces that require you to get clarity and sharpness of mind such as reading room and office. The West and Northwest spaces should be filled with these colours. When balanced, these colours bring forth lightness and clarity in your mind.

Water Colours  

They represent purity and freshness and can be achieved using colours blue and black. This element can also be created using fountains and mirrors. These colours are perfect for the East and Southeast areas of your space. Water is the most abundant elements on earth; in perfect balance in your house, you will enjoy abundance in your everyday activities.

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Wood Colours  

If you want good health as well as wealth in your life, ensure this the wood element is captured in design and colour. The colours that represent wood are brown and green.

As you can see, Feng Shui uses complex but beneficial aspect of Chinese culture, Feng shui for property buyers is best achieved by getting further advice through consultation. You are at the right place if you want any Feng Shui services or advice.